An intellectual or literary woman.

I collect beautiful editions of my favorite books, and it wasn't until I discovered #bookstagram that I found I was not alone in this pursuit. I don't judge a book by its cover, but I do think that every wonderful book deserves a cover that is a work of art.

Once I started my account and began to share my collection, I noticed that many of my followers didn't know how to find the editions in my photos. In my opinion, this is because of two problems: publishers do not make the ISBNs of their special editions readily available, and book collecting is something of a long-lost art.

There are a few sites that have proved invaluable to my book-collecting process: Book Depository, which houses a wide variety of editions from across the world, Book Finder, which I use to locate out-of-print editions, and ISBN Corner (created by my friend Maddie), which lists quite a few collections I do not have on this site.

This blog is intended to document my collections and help my fellow bibliophiles add to their own home libraries. I have tried to give credit where it is due, because so many of my books were discovered with the help of my dear friends. Additionally, this site makes use of referral links from Amazon and Book Depository to make purchases that much easier (you're welcome).

Thanks for stopping by, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any requests.

Love, Jen